Non invasive Paternity DNA Testing in Bridgewater, NJ

DNA Testing in Bridgewater, NJ
Non invasive paternity DNA test Bridgewater, NJ. The non invasive paternity DNA test Bridgewater, NJ is the most accurate and reliable non-invasive solution to determine paternity even before a child's birth. Conventional methods, especially amniocentesis and CVS, are known for their various risks to the unborn baby as well as pregnant women.

The risks may include fetal injuries, infections, as well as miscarriages. But non-invasive prenatal testing test makes use of fetal DNA separated from the mom's blood, thus doesn't require a needle to be injected in to the mother's womb. This test is risk-free for both the unborn fetus and mother.

23DNA provides precise, convenient and safe testing for gender verification and paternity. Also, the test results are provided within 7 days. With just one call to 23DNA, your complete test can be organized - the mother's collection, the alleged father's collection - every little thing. With 23DNA, the non invasive paternity DNA test Bridgewater, NJ has become much simpler and easier.
23DNA™ has helped thousands of families, if your looking for a private, discrete, affordable and 100% accurate DNA testing service? you have come to the right place, contact us today.

Ways to collect samples

  • Self-made cheek swab
  • FTA Classic Card
  • Whole Blood
  • Our Kit
  • Blood stains
  • Sperm (Semen)
  • Fingernail Clippings
  • Amniotic Fluid
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling
  • Fetal Tissue
  • Chewed Chewing Gum
  • Cigarette Butts
  • Hard Candy
  • Used Condom
  • Semen Stains
  • Used Tampons
  • Used Feminine Pads
  • Saliva
  • Plucked Hair
  • Q-tips with earwax
  • Snotty Kleenexes
  • Electric Razor Debris
  • Urine
  • Tooth brushes

Our DNA Testing Services

  • Paternity Testing
  • New! Non-Invasive Paternity
  • Paternity Test if Pregnant
  • Legal Paternity Testing
  • Grandparent Age Test
  • Native American DNA
  • immigration DNA Test
  • At Home DNA Test
  • Family Relationship
  • Siblings DNA test
  • Ancestry Testing
  • mtDNA Testing
  • Twin Zygosity
  • Cell Line Authentication
  • Maternity Test